Your go-to personal stylist to create a wardrobe you love and actually want to wear.


Let’s keep it simple, starting with…


  1. I’m a mom to the most incredible nine year old on the planet.

  2. I’m a Certified Image Consultant and hold a Bachelors of Science in Fashion and Retail Management from the Art Institute.

  3. I’m originally from Puerto Rico, and speak Spanish fluently. I left the island in 1996, and have lived on the mainland since.

  4. I believe my passion for fashion was passed on to me by grandma. I would watch her sew for hours on end making the most beautiful dresses for my sister and I or whoever really needed it.

  5. I love to dance! I think if I wasn’t so heavily influenced by grandma, I would probably be a professional salsa dancer.

So here’s where it gets real:


  • have neglected your wardrobe for a few years, noticed it beginning to take a toll on your life, and realized it’s time to do something about it, or…

  • try to look your best, but feel uninspired by what you see in your closet every day. Instead, you find yourself wearing the same outfit over and over; unsure of what your personal style is, or…

  • want your clothes to reflect who you are on the inside but struggle to find clothes that feel and fit right

  • reached that stage in life where you want to try new things but have a fear of looking too young, too old or trying too hard.

Whatever the case, I’m here to help you plan, style and shop your wardrobe so you can feel comfortable, and confident in who you are what you wear every day!

I’ve found a lot of women want to look their best, but have a difficult time getting dressed mostly because they haven’t identified a personal style that works for them. Instead, they end up with a scattered and confusing wardrobe that leads them in the wrong direction.

Through my styling services I aim to help you:

  • discover your, unique personal style

  • rid your closet of anything that doesn’t align with who you are

  • enhance and complete your wardrobe with new pieces that work well with what you already own, and

  • build a new wardrobe that you love and actually want to wear


  • For starters let me just say, to me, being a personal stylist is more than just clothes or finding the perfect outfit. It's about how you see yourself in the outfit. Because here’s the thing, I believe that once you see yourself differently, you’ll begin to embrace all of who you are - forgetting what anyone thinks or says about you. You, being you, fully and apologetically; that is my utmost desire for you! 

  • I work one with you on one, so I can really get to know you, and help you develop a personal style that truly embodies who you are on the inside. None of that cookie cutter, personal style in a box because, guess what, we are all different. You’re never going to be one type of anything. Let’s embrace who we are, forgetting all labels society has placed on us.

  • Our relationship goes beyond the wardrobe. If at any time you find yourself in a style crisis, simply give me a call or shoot me a text and I’m there.

  • Expect from me real and honest advice because let’s face it, sometimes we need to hear the truth so that we can acknowledge where we’re wrong, and move in a new direction.

  • My goal is not to mold you into someone you aren’t. I won’t force anything on you that you’re not comfortable with. I’ll make suggestions, if you’re willing to try it, great, if not we’ll find what works for you. Just remember it all starts with you. You willing to try and put yourself out there.

I can't wait to meet you and start this amazing journey of style and self discovery with you!

With much love,