Your Best Style Year Yet: Starting with a closet cleanse


If you haven’t cleaned your closet yet, what are you waiting for? Having a clean and organized closet is an absolute must if you want to experience your best style year ever!


Well, an organized closet means you can always find what you’re looking for , put outfits together with ease and allows you to save time and look your best!

So if you have a difficult time getting dressed every day then chances are your closet looks something like the clearance rack of your favorite store.

(Maybe something like this…)

...hangers bent and out shape, clothes hanging off hangers, pants mixed with shirts, jackets with dresses, shoes scattered on the floor (that would be me )and a pile of “I don’t like how this looks” thrown in a corner somewhere... you get it, right?

Seriously though, why do you think stores keep the clearance rack looking a mess and the rest of the store looks immaculate? Because, they want to put you off so you can walk away and spend money on the good stuff!

Now listen, walking away from the Target clearance rack is one thing, but walking away from your own closet feeling defeated it’s a definite no!!

I mean I get it we’ve all been there so not to worry.

But honestly, it’s definitely a part of your wardrobe you HAVE to get in order if you want to get dressed more quickly and look your best this year.

Understand this too, a confused mind always says NO! Meaning if you can’t make sense of what you got going on in your closet then chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time staring at your closet this year thinking “I have all this clothes and NOTHING TO WEAR, and end up wearing the same outfit you’ve worn three times in the past two weeks.

So if you're tired of wearing the same thing over and over, wasting time staring at your closet thinking you have nothing to wear, and are ready to make the most of of your wardrobe, download a free copy of my closet cleanse road map which will take you through the process I use to clean my closet and my clients!

Click the link >>>> Closet Cleanse Flow Chart

That’s it for the cleansing part now comes the fun part, MERCHANDISING!

What’s Merchandising?

You know when you walk into your fave boutique how they have everything laid out for you - color coded, categorized by style and everything is so easy to find?!? That’s what you’re aiming for here.

Here’s what to do...

FIRST: group like items together:

  • Tops with thin straps

    • Short sleeve

    • Long sleeves

  • Pants

  • Jackets

  • Dresses

NEXT: Color code each category from light to dark colors and organize based on sleeve length

FINALLY: take a step back and enjoy the view of your clean and organize closet! How does it feel? let me know in the comments!


  • Cleaning your closet can be overwhelming so grab someone who will give you their honest opinion, hit play on your favorite party list and have fun!

  • Use like hangers throughout. Whether plastic, velvet or wire - whatever you have just stick with the same type and same color. The thinner the better. Avoid bulky wood hangers which take up too much space. 

  • Jeans and sweaters are better folded. Jeans because they are heavy and tend to weigh hangers down and sweaters because they can get stretched out and lose their shape. 

  • When color coding patterns categorize based on the color that is predominant

  • Lighting is everything - make sure your closet is well lit

  • Anything you can add to your closet to bring structure is a plus! Shelves, drawers, dividers, cuby holes for shoes…

  • If you are blessed with a large closet space then why not decorate it! Think of it as your personal boutique - add a nice picture or quote, style calendar, style board for inspiration...anything to get your creative thoughts flowing.

  • I recommend cleaning and reorganizing your closet at the start of a new season or if you encounter any major life changes.

If you haven’t already download your >>>Closet Cleanse Flow Chart<<<