Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with These 6 Easy Tips

Spring has finally sprung and we find ourselves in the midst of a weather battle. Seriously, how can we have 40 degree morning weather and 75 sometimes 80 by lunch time, it's insane - mother nature can you please make up your mind! In any case, the weather of course we cannot control and instead of beating ourselves up about it let's deal with what we can control and adjust our wardrobes. Below are five layering tips you can use right now to transition your winter wardrobe to spring; because, if you haven't noticed, layering is the style solution for almost any wardrobe crisis. Here we go!


Warm to Cool

For those days, when the weather can't seem to make up it's mind (which is most days lately) opt for short sleeves tops under lightweight layers so you can easily transition from cold, brisk mornings to warm, sunny afternoons.

Chunky Sweaters

Just like we layered our summer dresses with a chunky sweater transitioning from summer to fall, the same applies to spring. To achieve the perfect spring look stay clear of dark muted colors and say yes to a brighter color palette. Try pairing your chunky sweater over a slip or floral dress.

turtle neck.jpg

Le’ Turtleneck

If you've never worn a turtle neck this would be perfect time to give it a try. I personally don't like wearing turtle necks because they can be so plain BUT when layered properly they can make any outfit look super chic. To achieve this look, try a long sleeve turtle neck underneath a short sleeve or sleeveless blouse/dress.


The Statement Jacket

Just because it's still a bit cold doesn't mean you have to wear your bulky, winter jacket! Instead break out your favorite statement jacket. If you don't have one already then a soft, knitted moto jacket will work for any body type and any style - an investment piece for sure!

cardi shirt.jpg

Cardi, Cardi, Cardi

We all love our cardigans and now that the cold weather is starting to dissipate we can start wearing them again without an oversize coat covering them up. This is the perfect weather to wear your cardi! Add a structured button down for contrast and added warmth

button down.jpg

Button - Down

Another way to wear that structured button down is under a nice office dress and if it's still too cold to wear a dress throw on a pair of tights and a booties. Perfection!

So there you have it 6 ways you can layer your current wardrobe staples from winter to spring! I hope you found these style tips helpful and can't wait to connect with you next week.


Comment down below on which style tip you found most helpful and if you have any style questions you need answer drop those too!

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