3 Go-To Outfits to Wear When You Don't Know What to Wear

If you’re like me you’ve had those mornings when you're pressed for time, feeling uninspired and can't quite figure out what wear…

You know, those moments when you stare in your closet as if you were staring into space, wishing you had taken those extra few minutes last night to plan your outfit instead of scrolling through social media or did the laundry so you could wear your favorite pair of jeans. Nevertheless, I'm sure we've all been there and can also agree that it will happen again some time in the near future - no doubt about it. Except, this time when you find yourself staring at your closet overwhelmed at the thought of putting a decent outfit together, you have three go-to outfits you can wear any day and actually feel put together.

One thing to remember is this:

"With good basics you'll have endless options."

Below are three effortless looks I found to be both simple and versatile - ones you can dress up or down and still have a winning look.


    This is the perfect go-to outfit for women who work in a professional space. Dress it up with heels or make it casual with a pair of loafers. If wearing all black is not your thing then play it up with a pop of color whether it be a bag, earrings or cuff. When it comes to a basic outfit, shoes definitely set the tone so choose wisely.

all black.jpg
black casual.jpg


What’s not to love about a pair of jeans and your favorite tee. Instead of a white tee, opting for a black tee gives you a more chic and polished look. Throw on a blazer and heels for work to dress it up.

black t.jpg
Black button down.jpg


Instead of separates why not wear a dress and call it a day! Effortless and chic the little black dress is an absolute must for your wardrobe. To complete your casual look pair with a jean or military jacket and sneakers. Keep it edgy at work with a pair of leopard pumps.

black dress.jpg
black dress sneakers.jpg

What is your favorite go - to look?