10 Style Tips for Petite Women

Are you vertically challenged like me? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but sometimes I do wish I was just little taller to wear those beautiful long maxi dresses or an awesome pair of flare jeans without the hassle of getting them altered. Notice, I didn't say it was impossible. You can wear what you want as long as the fit is right. Oh and if you happen to have a pair of 6 inch heels , that will definitely do the trick too.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when dressing a more petite frame because let's be honest not everything works for every body. Dressing a petite body can be challenging but it is not impossible and it does not have to be boring. Below I have outlined five tips and guidelines to follow when dressing your petite bod.



Fit is Everything! Make sure anything you buy fits perfectly. Pay close attention to the shoulder seams for tops and hemline of your pants. Buying over sized clothes can leave you looking frumpy and disproportionate.


Choose to elongate your legs by wearing a high waist jean and tucked shirt or elongate your torso by wearing a tunic top. The goal is not to split the body in two equal halves. Emphasize one or the other in any given outfit.


If you like your legs then skirts and dresses are most flattering if worn a few inches above your knee if not then floor length also works. Avoid mid length or knee length as it shortens your legs.

belt flare.jpg


Whether you like wearing heels or flats always opt for a pointed toe which allows the eyes to travel to the tip of your toes and gives the illusion of longer legs


Instead of boot cut jeans which make you look wider, wear straight leg jeans giving you a more narrow and tapered look

# 6

We all know horizontal lines make you appear wider therefore vertical lines make you look slimmer and taller


Try wearing the same shade throughout for a monochromatic look which not only makes you look slimmer but taller allowing the eye to flow from top to bottom


Matching your shoe with your bottom has the same effect. During the summer pair your dresses with a nude sandal to make your legs appear longer.



When wearing a belt make it the same color of your pants. Wearing a different shade breaks up the body, instead you want the eye to flow.


Choose smaller accessories proportionate to your body. An oversize bag or necklace will overpower you and makes you appear disproportionate. Large patterns tend to have the same affect instead wear smaller patterns to compliment your petite frame.


Did you find this topic helpful? Stay tune for more "What to Wear" and "How to Wear" Post coming soon.

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Nathalie Martinez